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ACCESS is a place for students within Highland County to explore, prepare and plan, and track your progress both in school and outside. This allows students to explore different careers, take a career survey, find opportunities for experiences while in school, and track service along the way. Everything within this portal is aimed at helping students by providing you valuable work experiences while planning for the future. There are many aspects to ACCESS  and we urge students and parents to explore! 


This portal will offer you a unique way to track all of your educational experiences and awards; career exploration possibilities; work-based learning experiences; graduation seals; and so much more! 

Click here to enter the portal: 



Bright Local Schools
Mr. Jason Iles, Superintendent
44 N. High St., PO Box 9
Mowerystown, Ohio 45155 

Fairfield Local Schools
Mrs. Kesia McCoy, Superintendent
11611 St. Rt. 771
Leesburg, Ohio 45135 

Greenfield Exempted Village Schools
Mrs. Quincey Gray, Superintendent
200 N. Fifth St.
Greenfield, Ohio 45123

Hillsboro City Schools
Mr. Tim Davis, Superintendent

39 Willetsville Pike
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

Lynchburg-Clay Local Schools
Mr. Jack Fisher, Superintendent
301 E. Pearl St., PO Box 515
Lynchburg, Ohio 45142

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