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The ACCESS program is designed to offer valuable opportunities for local businesses to host student interns, providing a bridge between education and the workforce. ACCESS interns collaborate closely with their home school districts, actively cultivating essential skills sought after in employees. After comprehensive assessments, these students undergo tailored education and coaching to address weaknesses and fortify strengths, ensuring their readiness for entrance into the workforce during internship opportunities and upon graduation.
Participating in the ACCESS program allows community businesses to establish meaningful connections with interns and their peers before their high school graduation, presenting the prospect of securing highly qualified future employees.


Moreover, the initiative has been collaboratively formed by diverse stakeholders, including businesses, education, nonprofit, government, and economic/community development partners. Open to anyone in these sectors, the program encourages active involvement in the ongoing development of workforce solutions. Highland County ACCESS operates as a division of the HIGHLAND COUNTY WORKFORCE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, further solidifying its commitment to addressing and advancing workforce-related initiatives in the local community.

Early exposure to real-world business operations provides them with insights into the skills and knowledge required for permanent employment. This hands-on experience empowers students to make informed career decisions following graduation, saving both businesses and interns valuable time and resources. Early work experience is a steppingstone towards a successful and fulfilling career, offering students an opportunity to build a strong foundation for their professional journey.
If you are interested in joining the ACCESS internship program or would like more information, please reach out to Tim Dettwiller at

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